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Clean Shipping Index

More knowledge about the emissions of individual vessels and shipowners is needed to be able to set requirements for sustainability in maritime transport. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute can offer this through the eco-label Clean Shipping Index.

The Clean Shipping Index shows emissions to air and water from different kinds of ships. It is the basis for port and fairway dues in Sweden and a tool for cargo owners to choose sustainable shipping alternatives.

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is since January 2021 operating this independent environmental index, which has existed since 2007.

Database of ships and shipowners

Shipping is seen as an energy-efficient mode of transport with low carbon dioxide emissions per transported unit. But how energy efficient a ship is, depends on the type of ship and the load factor. Ships emit a lot of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides and affect marine life through discharges of sewage, chemicals and waste.

As a transport buyer and carrier, you can search the Clean Shipping Index database and assess the ships' environmental performance based on the emissions they make to air and water. You can also compare different ship-owners when procuring sea transport.

Base for fairway and port charges

Ports can use the Clean Shipping Index to determine ships' port dues based on their environmental performance.

The Swedish Maritime Administration use the Clean Shipping Index as a basis for the environmentally differentiated fairway dues, something that all ships pay to be able to operate in Swedish waters and call at Swedish ports.

Read more on the website www.cleanshippingindex.com

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