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What is in the air we breathe?

Air pollution and particles affect both our health and the environment. At IVL, we conduct research in order to learn more about the dispersion and impacts of different types of air pollution.

Despite many successes in reducing emissions of air pollutants, air quality is still poor in many parts of the world. Few Swedish cities meet national environmental objectives or WHO air quality guidelines.

Tackling both long-range and local air pollution requires strong action. We are exploring ways forward through both interdisciplinary research and individual assignments. The major challenge going forward is to simultaneously reduce emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases; here we work policy-oriented and internationally in various networks and bodies. Most of our work on the air environment is based on analyses in our own laboratory.

IVL's fields of expertise in air

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Research in the field of air

Research for clean air.

Monitoring of air pollution at research stations

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Porträtt av en kvinna

Karin Söderlund

Expert in air pollution

Erik Fridell

Erik Fridell

Expert in transport emissions

Kristian Thörnblom

Kristian Thörnblom

Expert in analytical chemistry

Sarka Langer

Sarka Langer

Expert in indoor air quality

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