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Research and Development

Research and development is the basis of our business and makes up about half of our total business. As a research practitioner, we also develop skills that form the basis of our consulting business.

Part of the research is co-financed research that is funded by the state and the business community. The purpose of this research is to pursue issues that are of great interest to the business community and that have general relevance to society.

EU-funded research is another important part of our business. IVL participates in EU projects in areas that are relevant to Swedish society, and we thereby build networks and expertise in an international perspective.

Grant research, where Swedish grantors such as Mistra and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency are among the funders, is an important part of our business. In addition to this, we carry out contract research on behalf of external customers who can be companies or entire industries.

Co-financed research

IVL:s co-financed research programs are a unique opportunity for Swedish companies and industries to carry out research projects at IVL with funding from both the state and business. A co-financed research and development project must be based on an environmental problem or an environment-related development potential. The project is structured and formulated through discussion between financing stakeholders from the business community and IVL, as well as with the relevant theme committee, where results are also reported.

Common to the research projects is that they must have a general public interest and contain essential elements of research and development. The results of co-financed projects are always publicly available. All private companies and organizations can participate in co-financed research projects. Public bodies that conduct business can also be counted as business and covered by the co-financed research.

Grant-funded research

IVL lead and participate in a large number of research projects and programs with Swedish sponsors such as the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, MISTRA, the Swedish Energy Agency and more. The research issues cover a broad environmental perspective and include programs on waste, air pollution, energy, climate effects and chemicals.

EU-funded research

IVL have a broad participation in the EU's research programs in the field of environment and energy as well as in regional cooperation programs. Our EU-funded research covers fundamental environmental issues related to emissions, spread and effects of environmental pollution, climate, sustainable urban development, environmental technology and the development of tools and indicators and models for environmental and resource assessments of products and processes.

Participation in EU-funded research is initiated through applications for calls from the EU's various research programs. When applications are prepared by international consortia, good contacts and networks are required to participate. Through many years of commitment to research within the EU, IVL has built up good contacts with many of Europe's leading researchers at universities and institutes. EU-funded research also enables in many cases the participation of business partners, and here IVL can offer opportunities for Swedish companies to participate in international research and development projects.

The societal benefits of research

Research in sustainability is a driving force for positive societal change. At IVL, we bring science to reality, and include the global goals in all our operations.
Learn more about IVL's work for the global goals

Gender Equality Plan

IVL has a GEP (Gender Equality Plan) in coherence with mandatory and recommended requirements for applying organizations within the European Commission’s Horizon Europe framework. It is a policy document stating our ongoing and planned activities related to gender equality. The activities include both work for equal opportunities in the organization, as well as the integration of gender perspectives in research. Read IVL.s GEP Pdf, 377.7 kB.

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