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eBVD i Norden AB

The subsidiary eBVD i Norden is a company jointly owned by the Swedish Association for Construction Products and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. The company creates and handles electronic construction product declarations, eBVDs.

The system for traceability, digital flow and the registration of construction product declarations

The electronic construction product declarations are the industry's latest format of construction product declarations as well as an industry standard.

Through a digital service the eBVD system provides a tool, where you as a construction product and material manufacturer, easily can create and handle your digital environmental information. The specific information that should be registered in the eBVD format has been decided by the whole of the construction industry.

The eBVD format is owned by the Swedish Association for Construction Products. Together with the construction and real estate industry they also monitor new rules and regulations and decide whether updates to the format is required. However, it is important to note that it is the suppliers who owns the content of the construction product declarations. It is free to search for published construction product declarations in the eBVD-system External link, opens in new window..

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What is an electronic construction product declaration, eBVD?

An electronic construction product declaration, an eBVD, is an industry format meant to create traceability through the value chain, as well as constitute the basis for assessment and choice between different products/materials.

The eBVD is a standard for the declaration of environmental information regarding construction materials. The format is created as an agreed upon foundation for the sharing of information regarding a chemical product or a construction material’s environmental aspect in different stages of their life cycle. The eBVD-system is a web application that enables companies to register, store and provide versions of their construction product declarations, as well as share them through xml, pdf and web-API. The first electronic construction product declaration was launched in the spring of 2016 and the latest, larger update took place in 2022. The format is continuously updated with regards to changes in regulations and demands on the market.

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Start using eBVD External link, opens in new window.

Create an account and learn more about how to fill out your eBVD.

Create an account through the link below and enter your company’s information in the form. After the form has been sent, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a licence agreement. When you have returned a signed licence agreement to ebvd@ivl.se we will activate your user account. After the activation you will receive your login information through an e-mail, as well as information about how to access the eBVD-system to start register and administer your eBVD:s.

Create an eBVD account External link, opens in new window.

Price list for eBVD

Annual fee

Price category

3.200 SEK/year, exclusive vat

Micro companies turn over less than 2 MEUR yearly (20 MSEK/year).

5.200 SEK/year, exclusive VAT

Small companies turn over less than 10 MEUR yearly (100 MSEK/year).

7.300 SEK/year, exclusive VAT

Medium sized companies turn over less than 50 MEUR yearly (500 MSEK/year).

10.400 SEK/year, exclusive VAT

Large companies turn over more than 50 MEUR yearly (500 MEK/year).

The fees are adjusted first of January coming year according to the Service Price Index of Statistics Sweden, SCB. The new fee is based on the year-on-year change for the third quarter of the current year compared to the previous year and rounded to even hundreds (SEK).

Digital environmental information

API (Application Programming Interface) enables a connection between different tools and databases. The API makes it possible to share environmental data in an open and transparent way.

The digital transfer of eBVD:s makes it efficient to both provide and use environmental information for construction materials. In order to offer such digital transfer, we create connections through API between the eBVD-system and other databases. This is undertaken in collaboration with our clients.

eBVD i Norden AB has agreements with the following organizations, to provide them the means of retrieving construction product declarations from the eBVD-database:

• BASTA • Finfo • GBR • VVS-Info

If you are interested in connecting to our API, please contact ebvd@ivl.se for more information.

The eBVD team

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Anna Söderholm


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Charlotte Stjernqvist

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Product owner

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Cecilia Groth

Customer support and education

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Paulina Rode Kemlo

Customer support and administration

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Rebecca Lindman

Customer support and education

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More information about eBVD

Read more about the history of eBVD at the Byggmaterialindustrierna website External link, opens in new window..

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