Towards fossil-free transport and sustainable mobility

We investigate the environmental impact from transport and also look into measures to reduce emissions.

The transport sector accounts for a quarter of emissions

The transport sector is still mainly supplied by fossil fuels and accounts for over a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions. Emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particles and other environmentally and health hazardous substances follow in its wake.

Emission measurements, modeling and traffic analysis

We have high prospects of switching to a sustainable transport system. New standards, technology, effective instruments and changed behavioral patterns reduce both emissions and economic costs.

We collaborate with the transport industry, authorities and municipalities to develop solutions and methods for reducing emissions. Emission measurements, emission modeling and evaluation of instruments constitute our core business.

Sustainable mobility

We also have broad expertise in sustainable mobility, how we can travel and transport goods in a sustainable way with the help of urban planning and policy instruments. Here we work with parking issues, travel policies and environmental zones, among other things.

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