Kvällstrafik på en motorled i Stockholm

Towards fossil-free transport and sustainable mobility

IVL investigates the environmental impact of transport and also investigates measures to reduce emissions.

The transport sector is still mainly supplied by fossil fuels and accounts for over a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions. Emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particles and other environmentally and health-hazardous substances follow in its wake.

With the advent of new standards, technology, effective instruments, and behavioural patterns, we can significantly reduce emissions and economic costs.

Expertise in mobility

IVL collaborates with the transport industry, authorities, and municipalities to develop solutions and methods for reducing emissions. Our core business is emission measurements, modelling, and instrument evaluation.

We also have broad expertise in mobility, such as how to travel and transport goods sustainably using urban planning and policy instruments. Here, we work with parking issues, travel policies, and environmental zones, among other things.

The latest news in transport

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