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News | 2024-02-12
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ProScaleE – a tool under development focusing on environmental effects

Thanks to an interview study, another step has been taken towards a tool for a life cycle assessment scoring system that is focused on environmental effects.

The Mistra SafeChem toolbox includes several tools, including the ProScale method developed as a scoring system based on hazard and exposure for assessing direct chemical risks to workers, professionals and consumers associated with products from a life cycle perspective.

– However, a need for a sibling, ProScaleE, that focuses on the effects on the environment was identified, says Maja Halling, an ecotoxicologist at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute who has performed this interview study.

The study aims to continue developing the ProScaleE method by collecting user needs and perspectives from the members of the ProScale consortium and other stakeholders. The work has been performed by interviews focusing on expectations, thoughts, and ideas on how the ProScaleE method can be developed and what features it should include.

– The outcome of the interview studies provides a good basis for the further development of ProScaleE, a tool that fits well into the Safe and Sustainable by Design framework, Maja Halling comments.

Read the report ProScaleE – user needs and perspectives. Interview study for the development of the ProScaleE methodology. Pdf, 3.7 MB, opens in new window.