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News | 2024-01-19
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Welcome to our final webinar – learn about our findings for a green chemical industry

Are you interested in learning how to promote and enable a green and sustainable chemical industry that is safe for both humans and the environment?
The Mistra SafeChem programme has researched this area for over four years and is now ready to present its findings, insights, and highlights.

We invite everyone interested to join us for our final webinar on June 3, where we will present and discuss the results of our research programme.

Our overarching aim is to reduce exposure to hazardous substances for both humans and the environment and promote the expansion of a safe, sustainable, and green chemical industry.

Almost 40 tools developed

One of our main achievements is the development of almost 40 tools for a safe, sustainable, and green chemistry, some of which we will present to you during the webinar.

– We are proud of all the achievements of the researchers in Mistra SafeChem. They have contributed to important tools and methods to lead the development towards a safe, green and sustainable chemical industry, says acting programme director John Munthe, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

We promise an interesting agenda

We are now working on the agenda for the webinar. These items will be included, among others:

  • Early warning and proactivity: Experimental and computational tools
  • Catalytic and biocatalytic processes for a safe, sustainable and green chemical industry
  • Towards a circular and biobased economy: Recycling and valorisation of raw materials
  • Life cycle assessment including exposure and (eco)toxicity assessment of chemicals along the full value chain.
  • Panel discussion: Next steps towards safe and efficient chemistry by design

The final webinar will occur on June 3, 2024, from 9 am to 4 pm via Teams.
Registered participants will receive agenda updates and other information about the event as it develops.

Please register here to join us. External link, opens in new window. We look forward to seeing you!