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News | 2022-12-21
A woman working in a chemistry lab

EnginZyme new partner in Mistra SafeChem

The family of Mistra SafeChem is growing – now the Swedish startup EnginZyme has joined the programme.

EnginZyme, based in Solna, has the vision to make the chemical industry green by unlocking the potential of enzymes. By replacing traditional fossil-based manufacturing with a cell-free technology platform, they strive to solve how to produce better, greener, and cheaper products.

– We are a team of roughly 50 people, all committed to the long-term goal of achieving green chemical products for every industry. Our main customers are within the food space, but our technology is applicable across all verticals of the chemical industry, says Karim Engelmark Cassimjee, CEO and co-founder of EnginZyme.

EnginZyme has the ambition to play a crucial role in tackling climate change, bringing new enzyme technologies to existing industrial infrastructure to disrupt unsustainable chemical markets.

From the lab bench to a larger scale

– We see a great fit for EnginZyme in the research programme, especially in our enzyme catalysis work stream, comments Richard Lihammar, programme director for Mistra SafeChem.

– We are working hard to develop new enzyme variants that can act as catalysts for various chemical transformations, but the reactions are run on a smaller scale in research labs at KTH and AstraZeneca. With EnginZyme joining the programme, we unlock the possibility to take our best-performing enzymes from the lab bench and into a larger scale by using their platform. This brings us closer to enzymatically catalyzed processes in chemical manufacturing.

Ready to solve real-world problems

Karim Engelmark Cassimjee comments that EnginZyme is eager to collaborate with the members of Mistra SafeChem. They see synergies with their technologies and opportunities to apply green and efficient solutions.

– We are ready to share our expertise and technology, to solve real-world problems – to produce the products that are and will be the result of the cutting-edge research within the programme.

– We hope our participation will lead to efficient combinations of the academic and industrial expertise in Mistra SafeChem, and thereby to significant contributions in the green chemistry field, says Karim Engelmark Cassimjee.