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News | 2021-03-29
Several front pages of  the annual report for 2020 from Mistra SafeChem.

Annual report for 2020 from Mistra SafeChem

The first annual report from Mistra SafeChem is now published. It has two purposes: to report on the achievements of the first year and to provide a summary presentation of plans, participants and aims of the research programme.

Some of the content:

  • Foreword by the chairman of the board, Krister Holmberg, Professor Emeritus
  • General presentation of Mistra SafeChem by the programme director John Munthe and programme manager Richard Lihammar
  • Texts about the work packages, focusing on their expertise, results, collaboration within the programme and long-term goals
  • Comments from some of the industry partners on why they decided to join the programme
  • Basic facts about organization, finances and people