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News | 2021-01-21
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Photo: Ines Sebalj

The collaboration in Mistra SafeChem is a help to make early sustainable decisions

Perstorp is one of the industry partners in Mistra SafeChem and invests 1,1 MSEK in working hours over the total programme period. Oleg Pajalic, principal scientist at Perstorp, coordinates the company’s activities in the programme.

Why has Perstorp chosen to join Mistra SafeChem?

Perstorp AB has the ambition to become a finite material neutral company, and the programme can enable the way forward and speed up the process.

We manufacture speciality chemicals molecules which end up in a variety of applications, everything from polymers to animal nutrition. All of them have an impact on the environment, for example through the manufacturing process or carbon dioxide emissions. Mistra SafeChem allows us to understand various environmental implications before new intended chemicals have become products. Hence, the company can make early decisions to develop sustainable products and chemicals and reduce risks of investing money and resources in potentially bad projects.

What do you hope to get out of the program?

In addition to our sustainable ambition, we hope the close collaboration within the project can help us understand how the other companies relate to the problem and help each other taking the step forward.

What can Mistra SafeChem provide can that Perstorp could not achieve on its own?

We hope to easier address the product and process development issue through the focused collaboration in the project. We are involved in many collaborations within SafeChem, as we are active in work packages 3, 4 and 5. We focus on polyalcohols (Penta and Di-Penta), branched aliphatic carboxylic acids (2-EHA, 2-PHA) and long-chain alcohols (C12 alcohols).