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News | 2020-06-22
Brun glasvas med grön växt

The work in Mistra SafeChem is officially started

After an unfortunate delay, the research activities in Mistra SafeChem has finally started. A digital kick-off on June 17 gathered more than 50 participants, representing both research and industrial partners.

Mistra SafeChem was granted by Mistra, The Swedish foundation for strategic environmental research, in June 2019. But the start-up has been delayed by both changes in the consortium and effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now – a year later – the partnership and research plans are in place, and a digital kick-off has been held.

Mistra’s plan since 2013

– The Swedish vision is a non-toxic society. We are very happy the programme is running, as we have been working for this since 2013, said Chris Folkeson Welch, programmes director at Mistra.

The vision for the Mistra SafeChem programme is to enable and promote the expansion of a safe, sustainable and green chemical industry in Sweden. At the kick-off, all the work packages presented their plans for development of innovative green chemistry processes and methods for prediction and assessment of risk and hazards of novel compounds.

Interaction is crucial

Much emphasis was put on the importance of cooperation, both between the work packages and between research and industry partners.

– In Mistra SafeChem we have a holistic approach to chemicals, that is why interaction is crucial, said the programme director John Munthe from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

The plans for 2020 include both internal and external communication activities. The first annual conference in the programme is planned at the end of the year – more information will come after the summer.