news | 2022-01-04
Children playing on the floor

Preschool children health impacts from indoor exposure to PM2.5 and metals

This study provides initial recommendations for policy makers to reduce exposure of children to air pollutants in kindergarten air, and for the research community to improve health impact assessment for children. Mistra SafeChem participant Peter Fantke, DTU, is one of the authors of the article published in Environment International.

Risk of children exposed to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and different metal constituents measured in indoor air of Polish kindergartens was evaluated, using state-of-the-art exposure and dose-response information.

While health risks from metal exposure is with a median of 76 minutes per year a factor 10 higher than risks from PM2.5 exposure, uncertainties especially in the dose-response model for metals emphasize the need for better methods to estimate children health effects for metals.